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Udaariyaan 10th August 2021 Written Episode: Tejo Meets Simran


In today’s episode of Colors serial Udaariyaan, Satti asks Jasmine to join them in breakfast. Bebe asks Satti to give her some time so that she can relieve her stress. Satti suggests Jasmine talking to Tejo as she can help her reducing her sorrow. Jasmine thinks that Tejo is the cause of her problems. Here, Tejo notices a young boy bothering a man. She goes to him. The man asks Tejo if she is his mother. Tejo doesn’t say anything and just apologizes to the man. She asks the boy about his other and his home address.

Meanwhile, a girl comes and calls the boy “Candy”. she asks him if he did something again. Tejo asks her about the address and then takes him to his home. On another hand, Fateh gets irritated with so many missed calls and thinks about what should he talk to her. Buzo comes and notices that Fateh is tensed. Buzo asks him if everything is alright and tells him that they saw Mahi’s post and that she is pleased to know that he is happy with Tejo. Fateh wonders how should he say the actual truth.

Udaariyaan Written Episode

On another side, Tejo visits the address told by the kids. She takes Candy inside and gets shocked seeing Simran there. Tejo asks Simran if Candy is her son and begins to cry. Later, they hug each other and Tejo bombards series of questions to Simran. She asks her when did she return from Canada and why did she not inform her. Simran asks Tejo not to reveal the meeting to anyone not even to Fateh. While Fateh receives a message from Jasmine where she had written that she is coming to his place. Jasmine comes there. Fateh asks her to leave if she is here to meet Tejo as she is not at home.

Jasmine tells him that she came here to return the money as she is not habitual of keeping anyone’s favor. After Jasmine leaves, Buzo says that Fateh is lucky that he got rid of that girl and is with Tejo as she is better than her. There, Simran tells Tejo that she left her family to marry Amanpreet but found out that he was already married. Simran adds that she cannot face her family. Tejo tells her that the family will forgive her as they still love her. Get the exclusive updates of Udaariyaan on our site.


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