Home Entertainment Udaariyaan 11th June Written Episode Latest Update Spoiler: Tejo Comes Home

Udaariyaan 11th June Written Episode Latest Update Spoiler: Tejo Comes Home


We are going to see in the latest episode of Udaariyaan that Jasmin gets emotional thinking Tejo. Bebe noticed her and comes to console her. Jasmin says that I was wrong all the time and still bothering Tejo. Jasmin says that she didn’t do it intentionally. She says that she lost her senses in anger and now it seems difficult to apologize to her. Bebe says that it would be better if you apologise to the Lord for all of your misdeeds. Whereas Tejo is performing Seva at Gurudwara. But still, she hears some ladies are gossiping about her. Just then all the ladies realised that it is Tejo who is working here since morning.

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Khushbeer just then finds out Tejo is working there and goes to her. He says that we all were worried for you. Tejo apologised to him, she says that she didn’t want to bother anyone. Khushbeer asks her to come home. He then blesses her and leaves from there along with Dadaji. Meanwhile, Fateh enters his room and gets elated to see Tejo. He hugs her and says you left without even informing any of us. She apologizes to him.

Abhiraj thanks Mahi and everyone praised Lord that Tejo is safe. Satti comes to Bebe and asks her to sleep. Abhiraj says that he will eat something. Lovely goes to prepare food. Rupy and Jasmin again started arguing with each other. Jasmin says that it was you who asked Tejo to marry Fateh. Abhiraj tries to settle down the things. Satti goes to Tejo but Jasmin again taunts her. Lovely says talking to her is a waste. The next day Tejo is being dressed and at the same time, Fateh wakes up and asks her to not disturb him while sleeping.

Later, Gurpreet comes there and tells Tejo that Fateh was searching for you all around. He then says that if you don’t want to make us happy then at least don’t bother us. Tejo apologized to him and says that she won’t repeat it again.

Jasmin, there is going somewhere but finds that the door is locked. He sees Dilraj and asks him to open the door, he replies that the door won’t open until his mother comes back from Tejo’s house. Satti goes to Tejo to meet her and informed her that Fateh came home last night while he was seeking you and reprimanded Jasmin after he got to know what Jasmin did. Never miss any Udaariyaan written update, stay connected with Social Telecast.


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