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Udaariyaan 12 August 2021 Written Episode: Jasmine & Fateh’s Relationship Gets Exposed?


The recent episode of Udaariyaan will begin where Jasmine’s happiness knows no bounds as Fateh is finally getting profit, as well as her family, is also very happy. Because after a long time, happiness is returning to their family, so Jasmine says that they should plan a surprise for Fateh. After hearing all this, her entire family gets a bit shocked because it was never expected from Jasmine. But they agree with her because it is such good news. Meanwhile, her brother asks where should they make a surprise plan, Jasmine says that they should do this in the academy itself.

Then Jasmine says that everything is gradually becoming overwhelming and if everything continues like this, then she will soon reveal her relationship in front of the whole family so that, they too can live comfortably. Inwardly she is making a lot of plans because she feels that everything is alright and will continue like this, due to which Fateh will be with her forever. At the same time, her family members ask her that as she said that they should surprise Fateh, so tell them what to do now. Because this is great news for Fateh and everyone would like to see him happy.

Udaariyaan Written Episode

After a while, Jasmine goes to meet Fateh and asks him to organize a dinner in the academy so that, they can spend some quality time with each other. Fateh agrees with her but he does not know that she is planning something huge, therefore, her family is organizing a party for Fateh’s achievement in the Academy. Hence, they are decorating where he does boxing practice, In the meantime, Jasmine’s brother says that there should be no shortage of decorations as it is going to be a grand party for Fateh that will surprise her.

So now the show is going to go through an even more interesting turn where Jasmine Fateh will come to the party’s place, and in such a way that everyone will suspect somewhere that something is definitely going on between them. So now the patience of the audience is going to end because now the whole truth behind their relationship is going to come in front of her family. So now it is interesting to watch that what effect will this have on Tejo’s relationship. So do not forget to watch it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for further details connect with us. 


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