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Udaariyaan 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Tejo Fights Aman


Hello, all the entertainmnet lovers, so, one of the highly engrossing episode titled Udaariyaan has come up with its another episode lately. All of the fans of the show are highly excited because of the ongoing plot wherein the current antagonist Aman is moving heaven and the earth to fulfil his intrentions of kidnapping candy. He attempted to kidnap Candy during an event and by the pretext of performing a magic trick he tried to kindap him. The staff of the venue and even the magician are assisting Aman to kidnap Candy. Get more information on Udaariyaan 17th August 2022 written update.


The latest episode of the show starts when Tejo showing Kanha clothes to Simran and she appreciates all of them. Tejo asked Gurpreet about Fateh and she came to know that he went for jogging, but he was also shocked that Fateh hasn’t come so far. Aman there sees fateh is captivated lying tied up and records a video. Aman laughs seeing Fateh and Tejo there is worrying for Fateh and assuming why hasn’t he come home till yet. Tejo tries called to call Fateh but Aman snatched his phone and disconnect the call.

Aman teases Fateh says that she is concerned for you because you didn’t go home. Tejo there is extremely worried seeing that her call is disconnecting by Fateh. She then calls Fateh’s freind and colleague named Puneet and asks if he asked Fateh to come college but he denied and informs that they are also waiting for him at college. He informed Tejo that the match is about to start but Fateh isn’t here and they are also worried. She doubts Aman and thinks he may behind all this disturbance.

Aman there is behaving like a psycopath lover and recalled when Tejo slapped and thinks that she touched him with love. Candy there is performing on the song and everyone appreciates him. Candy dances with Tejo and enjoying the performance.

Just then Tejo gets shocked seeing the video of Fateh tied up and didn’t take much time to think that Aman is behind the kidnapping of Fateh. She goes to meet Aman and asks what she wants, Aman replies that he wants to spend a night with her. Tune in to Colors Tv at 7 PM and get to know what happen next. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.


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