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Udaariyaan 16th June 2021 Update: Fateh Avoids Jasmine Today’s Written Episode


The all-new episode of Udaariyaan begins with Satti along with Bebo and Tejo feeling pity for Fateh because of his condition. Rupy gets frustrated because of Jasmin’s mad behaviour. Satti says that she is tensed about Tejo’s married life as she has seen Fateh drunk and in the worst condition. Rupy we have to do something about Jasmin otherwise she will ruin her life and Tejo’s life too. Jasmin asks Rupy if he is thinking of punishing her. Rupy says it upon you whether you are taking it as a request or as a punishment.

Udaariyaan 16th June 2021 Update: Fateh Avoids Jasmine Today's Written Episode

Jasmin answers back to Rupy and says it won’t bother her at all. Rupy says he just want that everyone lives in peace. Tejo there is consoling Fateh and didn’t sleep all night because Fateh is sleeping in her lap holding her hand. Fateh gets up and Tejo stands up seeing him. Tejo later gives lemonade to¬† Fateh. Rupy asks Jasmin to go to her maternal uncle. But Jasmin says she isn’t going anywhere. Jasmin asks why are they compelling her, Satti says you can come back after a few days.

Fateh sees Tejo and they started arguing sweetly, but in between says let him eat his breakfast first they will continue this argument later. But as Fateh sits on the dining table he denies taking his tea and they both again started arguing. Jasmin denies going to her maternal uncle’s house. She challenges Rupy and the rest of the family that you can never unite Fateh and Tejo as Fateh loves me and Tejo can never replace me. At Fateh’s house, Tejo is eating and teasing Fateh while he is waiting for the food that he ordered. Later, Tejo and Fateh and starts playing the video game, Fateh gets fumed when Tejo wins the game.

Everyone at Tejo’s house trying to convince Jasmin to not ruin Tejo’s married life. Tejo and Fateh got married and now she shouldn’t interfere in their life. Jasmin says she is sure that Fateh will come back. She says if Fateh comes to know that you are compelling me, he will come to save me. Preeto says he won’t come. Jasmin challenges Preeto and calls Fateh. But Fateh didn’t pick up her call and asks Tejo to play another game. Jasmin fumes and says she is going to inform him. Preeto says it isn’t fair, Jasmin says it is the only way to show you how mad is Fateh for her. Fateh later received Jasmin’s message wherein she asks to meet her. Get the update of Udaariyaan next written update here at Social Telecast.


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