Home Entertainment Udaariyaan 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Advait Saves Ekam & Nehmat

Udaariyaan 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Advait Saves Ekam & Nehmat


Hello, all the Udaariyaan lovers, finally your favorite and highly anticipated TV drama is all set to make you feel over the top, as the 1st of November 2022 where you will watch Nehmat and Ekam are facing trouble because of the bomb as Shamsher set near to them while locking inside the room. Both are struggling to come out of the room while refusing the bomb but they are not able to execute the things. Even, though they have lost hope to come out of the room but fortunately, Adavit comes there, and tries to save them while breaking the door.

Udaariyaan 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Advait tries to break the lock first through the stone as only 30 seconds are left in the blast, and therefore, he continuously hits the lock and finally breaks that and brings them away from the room before it’s too late.

A spontaneously explosion takes place which destroys the entire room where they were kept by Shamsher. Ekam thanks Afdavot while hugging him and says that he is like a god to them as he saved their life without caring about him, which is amazing and he will not forget his obligation till his last breath even Nehmat agrees to him.

At the same time, Advait says that he came by his car so now without any ado they should leave the place because many goons are following them in a certain manner to kill the two. So, therefore, now they will need to leave the place as they will need to reach the venue where the preparation of their wedding is going on, as Adavit is getting married to Malika and everyone is waiting for the two. So this is the reason, initially, they clean up their faces and prepare themselves like fresh ones so that, no one can get doubt at the two.

Then, Nehmat brings a precious scarf for Malika and Advait as it is the ritual to cover their head with that, but extempore the scarf covers Nehmat and Advait’s heads which indicates that maybe god wants to make them marry. As soon as Shailey sees them, she passes a remark by saying that they are looking nice together so if Nehmat marries to Advait so it will be fine enough, but teh grandmother of Nehmat slams her by saying that she should shut her mouth. So watch it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us to know more, do follow Social Telecast.


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