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Udaariyaan 20th July 2021 Today’s Written Episode & Update: Fateh & Tejo’s Love Story


In the latest episode of Udaariyaan, we will watch that Dadaji and Mahi asks not calling Fateh. He further says he is along with Tejo, he says let them spend some time together. Meanwhile, Mahi says Tejo is falling for Fateh somewhere and the same is happening with Fateh either. Fateh and Tejo there join a party, they both dance together. Amrik says Tejo went to meet Gippy yesterday at her home and Fateh went to pick her up. Amrik says he got jealous seeing Jasmin along with Gippy, so, he took Tejo today. While Tejo and Fateh are enjoying the party, people start to recognize him as a boxing winner. Tejo gets elated.

Udaariyaan 20th July 2021 Today's Written Episode: Fateh & Tejo's Love Story

Just then they enjoy their drinks when a girl asks you both are newly married, she further says it would surely be a love marriage. Tejo was about to deny, but Fateh says yes and all laugh. Everyone asks how did they meet and how they fell in love. Tejo tells them a fake story and everyone enjoys it. Fateh says it is impressive, another girl asks if you also fell in love at first sight with Tejo. Fateh says no it wasn’t like that, he just fell for her gradually.

Another person asks when you started dating each other and directly tied in the knot. Tejo denies it and says her marriage is fixed somewhere else, the person shocks and asks then you eloped. Fateh refuses and says that it was one of the worst days of my life. I thought he lost everything, but God was with us and my Heer is enough courageous she left the canopy and came to him. He thinks Tejo comes in the same way. The girl asks if someone is there to ruin your love story like a villain. Fateh then thinks of Jasmin.

Jasmin there calls Sweety, Jasmin says Fateh is doing all his intentionally. She says their phones are also switched off. Mami is overhearing Jasmin and grins. Fateh there continue with his story and says yes there is a mean person who has huge dreams and her name is Chameli. Everyone laughs listening to the name.. But Fateh says but she doesn’t matter now at all. Fateh further says but he is quite fortunate having Tejo as his wife. Tejo and Fateh then dance together but all of sudden, Fateh recalls Jasmin and Gippy and hugs Tejo firmly. Tejo looks on and the episode ends. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more Udariyaan Written Episode Update.


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