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Udaariyaan 21st June 2021 Written Episode: Jasmin Continues To Distract Fateh


The latest episode of Udaariyaan starts with Fateh asks Tejo if suggested giving an interview about his match to his father. Tejo says that you are ruining your career for which you are dedicated once. Fateh says that he isn’t mentally prepared for this match. Tejo replies she did all this just for your happiness. Fateh later says that he will compete in this match just for you and his father and leaves from there. Jasmin there goes to meet Gippy, she is waiting for him in a cafe just then Gippy comes there and gives her flowers. Jasmin asks if you are studying in Canada and you must have a PR of Canada. Gippy says yes.

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Fateh is doing his practice, at the same time he sees Jasmin’s picture along with Jasmin. He goes to Tejo and throws a cup of tea. He asks if she is aware that Jasmin is going to her uncle’s home regarding her marriage. She asks how did you come to know, he asks if she knew about it already. She replies Abhiraj informed her just today. He asks if he told her to hide things from me. Tejo replies that she didn’t want to hurt him more. She says that Jasmin has moved on and you should also dispose of your past. Fateh replies that he doesn’t want to move on.

Gurpreet comes to Tejo and reprimands her, she asks why is she spoiling her son’s happiness. Kushbeer says it would be better to be quiet if you aren’t aware of anything. He further says you are supporting that girl who betrayed our son. Gurpreet says if you see Fateh’s condition. Gurpreet warns them if anything wrong happens to Fateh, Tejo and you will be answerable for it. Tejo finds sense in Gurpreet’s words. Khusbeer says it would be better if he loses in a match instead of losing in his life.

Amrik comes there and tells Tejo Fateh isn’t completely ready for the fight. Tejo asks him to have trust in his father. Fateh is still in the memories of Jasmin. He returns home after finishing her practice and sees Tejo is waiting for him. Tejo wakes up and asks him for food. Fateh again checks Jasmin’s picture while Jasmin is waiting for Fateh’s reaction. Tejo asks Fateh what is bothering you. Tejo encourages Fateh, but he asks about Gippy. Tejo says her mother told her that Jasmin likes Gippy. Tejo suggests Fateh talking to Jasmin and clears all the misunderstandings. The episode ends, stay tuned with Social Telecast for further Udaariyaan written update.


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