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Udaariyaan 23rd August 2021 Written Episode: Jasmine Goes In Trauma


The recent episode of Udaariyaan begins where Fateh and Jasmine reach the suicide point to kill themselves but Fateh is surprised to see, that Jasmine is not scared at all. Jasmine looks very calm that she has only made up her mind to kill herself, but Fateh thinks that something must be done. Hence, he parks his car aside and asks starts crying in front of Jasmine because he wants to unleash his feelings. But Jasmine interrupts him and says that he will have to accept their bond is precious, and no one can make them separate.

Then she asks him to reveal the truth behind their relationship in front of Tejo because she has fed up to play hide and seek. So please as soon as possible make her familiar with the truth before it’s too late, but inwardly Fateh says that Tejo loves him a lot, and as far as he has concerned their family will never accept Jasmine over Tejo. Meantime, he asks Jasmine about the perspective of her family because it seems inappropriate if their elder daughter’s husband marries their younger daughter. But Jasmine is adamant about her words and says that they should run away from the city after marrying each other.

Udaariyaan Written Episode

Then Fateh tries to make her understand because whatever she is saying seems inappropriate enough, and run away from their families is not a solution. Therefore he refuses to accept her perception, by saying that if he does it so his mother will die. At the same time, Jasmine says that so please leave her alone and let her die because she does not have any path except it. Another side, Bojo asks Tejo to come with him for visiting Gurudwara, she agrees and makes an excuse for classes. After a while, Tejo’s mother-in-law sees her with Bojo and gets shocked to see because Tejo told her that she is going to teach some kids.

Then Tejo comes Home and Fateh’s mother asks her why she got late, she makes another excuse that class was a bit long hence. Then her mother-in-law informs Fateh about Tejo that she went to Gurudwara with Bojo while making an excuse. Fateh assures her that Tejo can do anything but she can not tell a lie to anyone so maybe it was an only misunderstanding or nothing else. The next morning Tejo gets unconscious in college and comes to sit with her friend who asks her to check her pregnancy, after hearing all this Jasmine goes into trauma. So watch it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more details connect with us.


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