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Udaariyaan 24th September 2021 Episode Written Update WU: Jasmine Locks Tejo In The Room


The 24th September 2021 episode of Udaariyaan will begin where you will watch that Jasmine executes her conspiracy against Tejo in a too sagacious way. She asks the entire family that they can go and attend the function of Fateh’s achievement, and Tejo can represent herself as his wife on that stage so that, no one can raise finger on her and Fateh’s character. But here is the twist, because Jasmine has hidden the shawl which Fateh brought for the Minister. So now she will also reach the function spot along with Shawl because it is an integral part of her plan.


After a while, Jasmine reaches the Academy where Sweetie already reached and both create a trap together against Tejo, meanwhile, she goes to bring a banner from the room, and spontaneously Jasmine locks her with the help of Sweetie. Inwardly wonders that no matter what happens but she will never let Tejo go on the stage because Tejo does not have any right to represent herself as Fateh’s spouse in front of the entire city. Tejo knocks and shouts to open the door but no one is there to help her and somewhere she gets doubt on Jasmine.

Udaariyaan WU

Another side, Fateh is being honoured by Minister for his achievement and they are praising his wife too by saying, that due to Tejo his Academy got new heights. Meanwhile, calls his wife and spontaneously Jasmine arrives there and everyone gets shocked to see her there. Because she made them believe that she will never make any exploit, even Fateh comes and takes her on the stage while, holding her hand. Khushbir Singh and his family wonders about Tejo because she came with them, but now she got disappeared how and says that they will have to find Tejo because she could be in trouble.

On the other hand, Tejo also reaches on the stage and stands beside Fateh in short, Both Jasmine and Tejo will take place on stage. So now it is totally up to Fateh to whom he will represent has his wife because any wrong statement can create obstacles for him. That uncle also takes place in the function, in front of whom Fateh had told Jasmine as his wife. So now Fateh has been stuck properly because if he addresses Jasmine his wife so it will create controversy. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more details connect with us.


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