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Udaariyaan 27th January 2022 Episode Written Update: Angad Maan Exposes Jasmine


The 27th January 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is going to be dramatic enough where you will watch, that Tejo exposes Jasmine’s all exploits while showing that person in front of each other, to whom she pronounced dead while blaming Amrik for the accident. As soon as everyone meets to him, they get shocked because no one supposed that Jasmine could do something worst in such a manner. Therefore, Jasmine also replies that whatever Tejo is saying is false enough, and there is no need to consider her at all because as far as she has concerned Amrik is the prime suspect of the accident.


Meanwhile, Fateh comes to Tejo and says that he believes in her but they need some strong evidence so that, they could show them to the concerned department and bring back Amrik. Because as long as they will get something they will not release Amrik, therefore he asks her to show some more pieces of vital evidence against Jasmine as she showed that victim. At the same time, the entire family also asks that she needs to show some more so that, they can prove Amrik innocent and Jasmine could get the appropriate sentence.

Udaariyaan 27th January

At the same time, Tejo calls Angad Maan as he knows everything behind all these exploits and he is the one who can unleash those conspiracies which she used against Amrik and the entire Virk family. As soon as Angad takes place Jasmine gets surprised and her fear crosses all limits as she is getting afraid of exposing. But Angad only gazes at her without saying anything then Tejo says that he needs to say something, because they have only this chance to send her behind the bars for those things which she has done in such a worst manner against Amrik, despite knowing that he was innocent.

But after forcing a lot through Tejo, Angad speaks out everything while giving them proof against Jasmine as she has done such conspiracies to trap them. As soon as the entire family comes to know about all this their deep reaction comes as they slam Jasmine as well. Even her mother says that they had decided to accept her again but due to these things she has lost everything, and hence, Khushbir Singh also says that she does not deserve to live next to his family. So watch it on Colors at the correct time and for further details stay tuned with us.


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