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Udaariyaan 27th Sept 2021 Written Episode Update: Gurpreet Curses Jasmin


The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Rupy and his family members are devastated. They all are worrying for Tejo and says Jasmine will ruin her life like she ruined her house. Gurpreet says it won’t be that much easy for Jasmine, as Khushbeer considered Tejo as his daughter and it is never easy to down a shield-like Khushbeer. Fateh makes a promise that he won’t repeat any mistake now. Everyone hugs each other and sobs. Simran calls Tejo and asks her to turn on the news. She gets stunned seeing that the media is covering Fateh’s extramarital affairs with Jasmin.

Udaariyaan 27th Sept 2021 Written Episode Update Gurpreet Curses Jasmin

Mahi fumes and asks Jamin why is she doing all this. Jasmin replies that I asked Tejo to attend the ceremony along with Fateh. At the same time, Khurana comes there and says I couldn’t go on the stage. Khusbeer asks everyone to avoid all this and leave for the ceremony. Fateh sees that Jamin is crying, Khusbeer again taunts Fateh. Gurpreet thinks that she has to figure out the things. She then decides to meet Tejo’s family. She tells them that the prestige of both families is ruining, so, in this situation, it would be better if you fetch Tejo back here.

Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update

Satti replies Gurpreet that they never want to send Tejo to your house. She went there just for you mother in law. Gurpreet further says that two real sisters have become sautan now and they will never live happy together in the same house. Khusbeer is stubborn and he won’t listen to me and in such I can only request you to bring Tejo here. Satti gets convinced with Gurpreet’s words and says she has to talk to Tejo on this. Rupy says that he doesn’t Tejo will return.

Rupy further says that he doesn’t doubt on Khushbeer’s decision. He is supporting her from the very first day. If we do so we will end up being a obstacle in of Tejo’s struggle. Minister there humilates Khushbeer and says that he cancelling Khushbeer’s ticket of becoming a MLA. It would be a lessons to other. Fateh is hearing everything and he returns the trophy. Gurpreet comes home and taunts Jasmin if she is feeling good now. Sheh says that you crushes the prestige of our family twice and cursed her. Tune in to Colors Tv at 7 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss any Udaariyaan Written Update.


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