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Udaariyaan 28th July 2021 Written Episode: Jasmin Slits Her Finger And Engagement Cancelled


In the latest episodes of Udaariyaan, we have watched that Tejo’s engagement is going on at her house. Fateh and Tejo also come there and Fateh goes to meet Jasmin after she gestured him. Fateh confesses her love to Jasmin, he says but he can’t do anything now as her engagement is going on. Jasmin says she loves him too and doesn’t want to get engaged with Gippy. Fateh and Jasmin both tie the thread of Jasmin’s veil to each other’s fingers as engagement rings. Just then Mami comes and they hide seeing her. Fateh remembers Tejo and gets tensed.

Mami confronts Jasmin and asks a what are you heading up to? Jasmin replies you will get to know me soon. Mami says your engagement is going to take place within a while you can’t do anything now. Jasmin smirks and leaves from there. Jasmin later takes a knife and cuts her finger, Mami is stunned to see that and Jasmin shouts. All guests rush to her and Jasmin faints. Fateh is aghast seeing Jasmin falling on the floor, he lifts Jasmin and rushes to the hospital. Tejo and Gippy stunned looking Fateh. Satti and Rupy also get worried.

Udaariyaan Written Episode

Fateh reaches the hospital along with Jasmin and asks the nurse to call the doctor immediately. Jasmin grins and just then the doctor comes there. Tejo and Gippy also come to the hospital. The doctor examines Jasmin and says she is all good and asks Fateh and everyone to wait outside. Tejo says that she wants to talk to him, Fateh says that he didn’t think and lifts Jasmin in his arms. Fateh asks you would have been felt bad. Gippy’s mother there pushed the engagement date ahead. She says we will fix the engagement whenever Jasmin gets all right.

Satti tries to deny Gippy’s mother and says Tejo told me that Jasmin is fine. Satti says her mother postponed the engagement. Mami looks on and asks Satti that she wants to talk to you. Tejo goes to Jasmin and asks about her, Jasmin says that she is feeling low as she ruined the ceremony. Mami there informs Satti that it was all planned by Jasmin and she willingly cut her finger to cancel the engagement, Satti says that it is impossible. Mami asks her to trust her she herself saw her cutting her finger. Rupy gets tensed. Stay tuned with Socia Telecast and never miss any Udaariyaan Written Update.


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