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Udaariyaan 2nd July 2021 Written Episode: Jasmin Tries To Talk Fateh


The opening sequence of the latest episode of Udaariyaan starts with Fateh is sobbing and Tejo gets the same cushion. She noticed that the cushion is wet and understood that Fateh must be crying on this, she gets tensed for him. Jasmin there tries to contact Fateh but fails, she later texts Amrik to ask about Fateh. But Amrik taunts her and after an argument, he hung up the call. Fateh takes Tejo to the college, Jasmik looks at them. Fateh wishes her luck and encourages her. They both leaves, but just then Jasmin comes in front of Fateh and asks him to listen to her first. But Fateh avoids her.

Later, Tejo takes Fateh to the cafe, Fateh sarcastically says it would be better to say thanks directly. Tejo says that she wants her thanks ought to be special as her principal impressed by her and she is impressed by you. Fateh asks let’s order the food. But Tejo says she already order the food as she knew you are hungry. Fateh gets happy to see the food as Tejo order all the food of his choice. Just then Satti calls Tejo and she informs her that she comes for dinner along with Fateh.

Udaariyaan Writeen Episode

Satti says fine and tells her that she will call her later. Jasmin gets curious hearing the voice and asks whose call is this, but Satti doesn’t reply to her and asks her to get the clothes. Tejo and Fateh are talking to each other when Tejo asks Fateh about his father’s academy. Fateh replies that the academy drops due to the lack of good trainers. Tejo says that you have all quality in you to become a great coach. Tejo says all it needs is dedication and you have enough of it. On another hand, Jasmin is getting restless to know about Fateh and Tejo.

Tejo advises restarting the academy again with you. Fateh tells her that it seems you concerned a lot about me. Tejo says as a friend I supposed to concern for you. Just then Fateh goes on stage and says he is going to dedicate a song for his wife if anyone sings along with him. Jasmin arrived at the same time and says she will sing along with him, but Fateh avoids her. But Fateh leaves the cafe and Tejo goes behind him. Fateh controls himself and says he is completely fine, Tejo nods. Fateh says that we will come again to this place. The episode ends, get the complete Udaariyaan written update here at Social Telecast.


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