Home Entertainment Udaariyaan 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Advait Marries Malika?

Udaariyaan 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Advait Marries Malika?


Hello, all the daily soap lovers, finally your favorite and highly dramatic TV show “Udaariyaan” is all set to make you feel over the top through the 2nd November 2022 episode, which is bringing high voltage drama along with such activities which will make you feel overwhelmed. As the preparation for Malika and Advait’s wedding is going on as the functions are gradually taking place as the Haldi ceremony has been completed and now the veil ritual is going to get started under which, the groom and bride will cover their heard together with a single scarf.

Udaariyaan 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Hence, Nehmat is asked to bring a precious scarf from the room of her aunt where she kept everything, she goes to bring the scarf and meanwhile thinks about her and Ekam as she is assuming Advait and Malika like them. Inwardly, she mentions that soon she will also give the legal name to her relationship which they both are impatiently waiting for. Because now, everything has been sorted out and this is the reason that they can look forward to making their lives awesome. In short, she continuously thinks about Ekam, thus she takes time to come back to the canopy.

After a while, she comes with a scarf and guests ask her why she got too late as everyone was waiting for her, Nehmat replies that she was finding the scarf as it was not appearing there. Meanwhile, Advait’s aunt asks Nehmat to cover their head with the scarf as she is a girl who is precious to initiate any work. Then she goes to them and tries to cover but spontaneously a wave of wind comes and the scarf cover Nehmat and Advait’ss head which leaves everyone suspicious. As they get shocked to see all this because Malika is there but Nehmat’s head is covered by the scarf.

Even, her grandmother also gets shocked as she asks Nehmat to remove it as soon as possible and covers the head of Malika, but meantime Shailey starts making words by saying, that maybe God wants to make Nehmat marry Advait and it could a point as well. But her grandmother asks her to shut her mouth unless they are here, as she does not have a right to ruin somebody’s wedding function, and before saying anything just think twice otherwise she can leave the place. So do not miss watching it on Colors and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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