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Udaariyaan 2nd October 2021 Today’s Written Update: Jasmine Decides To Throw Tejo Out


The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan begins where Judge raches at the consequence that both Tejo and Fateh need to stay with them more, because the reason they gave for the divorce is inappropriate. So they got some more time to remove all misunderstandings between the two, if they will not get success in it so their divorce will be granted for sure. After hearing this, Khushbir Singh gets happy and his happiness known no bounds because he wanted the same. In short, both have approximately 6 months to sort out everything, otherwise, they can take divorce.

Udaariyaan 2nd October 2021 Today's Written Update: Jasmine Decides To Throw Tejo Out

At the same time, Jasmine’s anger is getting increased because now she does not have a way besides waiting, as Judge has announced her decision regarding their divorce. So now she will have to wait for 6 months for their wedding, she wonders that God knows what is going on between the two because whenever they decide to do something for their relationship. A few circumstances always take the worst face, but now she will have to do something because at any cost she can not let her stay with Fateh till the 6 months, because after many attempts she got him and does not want to lose now.

Udaariyaan Written Episode

Another side, Tejo gets a warm welcome from Khushbir Singh and he makes special food for her as well, because he does not want to send her away from his house, being a daughter-in-law of him. Tejo gets happy to see everything but Jasmine is getting upset because after signing the divorce paper still, the Virk family is taking care of her which is inappropriate enough as per her perception. Meantime, Jasmine wonders that she should do such an exploit to ruin Tejo’s honor so that, Fateh’s family throws her out by their hands forever.

After a while, she makes a conspiracy against Tejo because she wants to inflame Khushbir Singh who supports Tejo blindly, hence, she decides to execute her plan from the college because Tejo has such a good relation with her students. So now she will use them against her therefore, she goes to bring Tejo’s laptop to do something bed. Because of this, Khushbir Singh automatically throws her out of the house, so it is interesting to watch that what is going to happen now with Tejo. So do not forget to steam it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more details stay connected with us.


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