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Udaariyaan 30th July 2021 Written Episode: Fateh Proposes To Jasmine


Colors popular show Udaariyaan has taken an interesting turn in the show. As the show had begun with Fateh and Jasmine’s love story, it slowly headed to a blooming relationship of Fateh and Tejo. The couple had become a support system for each other and were even getting close. However, the makers brought a twist which resulted in Jasmine and Fateh reuniting while they betray Tejo. Undoubtedly, the ongoing track has garnered huge attention from the viewers. Let’s see what will happen in today’s written episode of the daily soap.

Today’s episode begins with Fateh sitting alone on the terrace. He thinks to call Jasmine as they have reunited. Here, Jasmine is also seen sitting alone in her room. She gets a call from Fateh and gets excited. Jasmine picks up the call and begins to talk to him. They smile widely while talking with each other and had no idea that in some time, they were about to get caught. On another side, Tejo talks to her family members as she receives a call from them.

Udaariyaan Written Episode

Tejo’s parents ask her about Fateh. She looks for him and then informs them that he might be busy as he is on the terrace right now. Tejo asks them to wait and she heads towards the terrace. There, Fateh is indulged in talking with jasmine. After a while, Tejo reaches the terrace. The latter gets shocked to see Fateh talking to Jasmine. She couldn’t believe that he has gotten in touch with her. However, Tejo will get even more shocked after listening to Fateh proposing to Jasmine.

Fateh tells Jasmine “I Love You”. Tejo just stands still and doesn’t what is happening in front of her. Her mind fails to process the scene.¬†However, previously, it was shown that Satti was talking to Gippy’s mother about the engagement of Jasmine and Gippy. Though Satti was quite happy about it, her happiness doesn’t last long as Jasmine and Gippy’s engagement gets called off.

Besides, Fateh and Jasmine are again gotten in touch and are been expressing their love to each other. What will happen in upcoming episodes? Will Tejo leave Fateh and begin her new life or Are Fateh and Jasmine up to something. Catch Udaariyaan latest episode and written updates on Social Telecast and watch the serial on Colors TV and anytime on Voot App. Follow for more exclusive updates and spoilers.


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