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Udaariyaan 5th July 2021 Written Update & Episode: Tejo and Fateh To Meet Gippy


In the latest episode of Udaariyan, we are going to watch that Jasmin again sees Tejo arriving in the car, she again goes to stop her midway. Jasmin asks Tejo that she is trying hard to move on but it isn’t working. She further says that she meets Gippy just to move on. But Tejo counters that earlier you said it is a part of your plan to marry Fateh. Jasmin tries to explain herself and says Gippy also interested in me. We are going to marry and will permanently shift to Canada, but in all this, I want your assistance. Tejo says she doesn’t interest you at all, I never forgive you and leaves.

Udaariyaan 5th July 2021 Written Update & Episode: Tejo and Fateh To Meet Gippy

Jasmin is talking on call to Gippy, he replies that he will appreciate your confidence. He says that he is going to marry you even after your immense ego. Jasmin asks Gippy that she is missing her and want to meet him soon. Jasmin is trying to surprise Fateh with her plan of meeting Gippy. She tells Satti about Gippy, Satti gets agreed with her and asks Jasmin to call Gippy home. But Jasmin says that Gippy only wants to meet me. Meanwhile, Mami comes and says she doesn’t believe in Jasmin at all she is definitely up to something.

Jasmin goes to meet Gippy, while Tejo is doing her work. Fateh comes to Tejo and asks why he is doing all that when you are here. He makes Tejo eat ice cream with his hand. Mahi and Dadaji noticing them and getting happy. Gurpreet says Fateh is happy after a long. Nimmi replies to Gurpreet that Tejo is assisting Fateh in his business. Jasmin returns home with another story and says she meets Gippy and he told me that he wants to meet Fateh and Tejo before marriage to get assured that she moved on.

Fateh and Tejo having their lunch together at the academy, meanwhile, Satti calls her and asks about her well-being. Tejo replies that she is all fine. Satti says I need to talk to you about Jasmin. But in between Tejo says Jasmin is a mythomania. Satti further says that Gippy wants to meet Fateh and you before marriage. Tejo gets agree with Satti and says she will meet Gippy. Tejo looks at her. Satti then asks about Fateh and he gestures to him, no, Tejo says she is not sure about Fateh.

Tejo comes to meet Gippy along with Jasmin, they all talk with each other. Jasmin asks about Fateh, Tejo says he is swamped with his academy. But just then Tejo leaves and Fateh comes there. Jasmin gets elated. Tune in to Colors Tv at 7 PM and enjoy the episode. Never miss any Udaariyaan written update with Social Telecast.


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