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Udaariyaan 6th Sept 2021 Written Episode: Tejo Points Gun At Fateh & Jasmine


Udaariyaan’s written episode update of 6th September 2021 starts with Tejo. She has gotten shattered after learning about Fateh’s betrayal. She doesn’t believe that Fateh and Jasmine were together at the party and expressed their feelings to one another. She feels heartbroken as she had trusted Fateh and helped him come out of the bad past with Jasmine but the latter betrayed her with the same girl. Tejo feels that Jasmine doesn’t have any feelings for Fateh but she is just obsessed with him. Tejo feels that the world is swallowing her whole as she fails to hold herself back.

Tejo runs on the roads without having any sense and cries hardly. Though she manages to reach home safely. Once she reaches home she cries even harder. Meanwhile, Fateh comes there. Tejo’s heart stops after seeing Fateh standing near her. She questions him about the party and if he enjoyed it well. Fateh also asks her the same and says that his friend’s party was quite rocking. Tejo smiles sadly and says that she enjoyed the party as well and is glad that she went there otherwise she would have missed so many things.

Udaariyaan Written Episode

Then, Tejo tells Fateh about her friend’s husband who came to the party with his girlfriend and they were behaving like a married couple. She adds that she feels bad for his wife as to what lies he would have told her to get in the party. Fateh listens carefully. Tejo looks directly at Fateh’s eyes and asks if he finds the pair right here. Fateh says that they are no one to judge as they could have been facing some situation. Tejo objects to Fateh and says that it doesn’t matter what the situation was as no one should deceive anyone.

After hearing Tejo’s point of view, Fateh questions about her friend and asks what if the wife has an affair outside too. Tejo quickly denies and says that her friend worships him. The next day begins with Fateh leaving for the academy. Tejo looks at him from the terrace and thinks that it was her who separated Fateh and Jasmine by coming in between them. Tejo decides to correct her mistake by deciding to reunite them. She calls Fateh and asks him to come as she wants to talk to him while also texts Jasmine about the same. They both reach there and get shocked seeing Tejo pointing the gun towards them. However, she points it at herself next.


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