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Udaariyaan 7th August 2021 Written Episode: Jasmine Executes Her Conspiracy Against Tejo


The coming episode of Udaariyaan will begin, with a romantic date organized by Fateh for Tejo at the same restaurants, where Jasmine was insisting to go, but Fateh refused her by saying that he would have to do some things to clear Tejo’s doubts. Meanwhile,¬†Fateh convinces Jasmine not to stop him at any cost today, and let him go but Jasmine doesn’t like all this. Meanwhile, she decides to ruin their date because only she has right on Fateh and never let their date happen no matter what happens. She is thinking a lot in her anger because now she is obsessed with Fateh.

Udaariyaan 7th august 2021

At the same time, she wonders that Tejo has already snatched Fateh from her and now she will not allow this to happen again at any cost, so now is the right time to spoil their date. Therefore she makes a call to Fateh and asks him to leave his date with Tejo as soon as possible and come fast to her. She inwardly thinking that no matter what happens but this time, she will definitely separate Tejo from Fateh. She shows her obsession and makes sure that no matter how many obstacles will come but she will not step back.

Udaariyaan Today’s Update

After a while, she decides to execute her conspiracy against Tejo and Fateh with the help of Amrik because last time, when she was in trouble he helped her. So this time, she is again supposing to take his help, hence, she pretends sad and helpless in front of him so that he can not say no to her. Amrik consoles her and asks her to have coffee with him, and she inwardly thinks that this is what she wants. Even Amrik and Jasmine come to the same restaurant where Fateh organized a date with Tejo.

Later, Fateh gets shocked to see Jasmine and Amrik together because it’s not expected but Tejo asks them to join. Jasmine thinks that everything is happening as she wanted and look ahead and see what happens because she won’t let their date happen so easily. Because Jasmine did not want to look at Tejo and Fateh together because, with great difficulty, Fateh is walking away from Tejo and coming towards Jasmine. Therefore, she does not want to take any chance, but Fateh gets upset to see Jasmine’s obsession. So do not miss to stream it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more details connect with us.¬†


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