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Watch Udaariyaan 7th Sept 2021 Written Update Episode: Tejo Leaves Fateh’s Life Forever?


The recent episode of Udaariyaan starts where Tejo exposes Jasmine & Fateh’s affair and leaves the place by saying that she is feeling suffocated while standing between the two. Hence she leaves the place, and as soon as Fateh tries to stop Tejo Jasmine interrupts by mentioning that he does not need to chase her for an apology. Because sooner or later their relationship was to expose, so just be relax and think what to do ahead. In short, Jasmine inflames Fateh to leave Tejo and tell everything to his family about her relationship with Jasmine.

Udaariyaan Written Episode

At the same time, Fateh makes Jasmine understand that the way she got everything was not appropriate enough, and it could create obstacles for them ahead. But Jasmine tries to manipulate him by saying that he does not need to care about her because now she will remove herself between them. Meanwhile, Fateh asks her to go to her house because maybe Tejo went there and he also leaves the place. Later, at midnight Jasmine makes a call to Fateh and informs him that Tejo did not come here, after hearing this, he gets shocked because Tejo did not come there too.

After a while, Fateh goes to find Tejo because it’s too late and she did not come house, therefore, he asks people about her by showing Tejo’s photo. But no one saw her because she left them in the noon and its a midnight, so such a long period has been passed. Another side, Fateh’s family arranges a worship ceremony and invites Tejo’s family too but both Fateh and Tejo are disappeared from the house, without telling anyone else. The matter of worried enhances when Tejo’s family reaches Fateh’s residence and meets his parents because he told them that Tejo went to her mother’s house while nothing is like that.

After a while, Fateh also reaches his residence and everyone starts interrogating him about Tejo because he informed them that she went to her mother’s house. But after getting frustrated Fateh unleashes everything that Tejo is misplaced from the last night and he found her a lot but did not get her location. Both families are worried about Tejo and ask Fateh the matter behind these exploits, but he does not tell them anything even Jasmine is worried because ever since Tejo exposed them she is disappeared. So watch it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.


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