Home Entertainment Udaariyaan 9th Sept 2021 Written Episode: Fateh Addresses Tejo Characterless?

Udaariyaan 9th Sept 2021 Written Episode: Fateh Addresses Tejo Characterless?


In the recent episode of Udaariyaan beings where Fateh accuses Tejo of having an extramarital affair with Bojo and despite all this, she is raising her finger on his character. So as far as he is concerned about Tejo she should feel ashamed of herself first because she is also betraying him for a long. Tejo gets shocked to hear all accusations because Fateh is crossing his all limits, meanwhile mentions, that he saw them together plenty of times in theatres, malls, shopping centers but she never told him about anything. Spontaneously adds that whenever he asked her about anything she always made excuses.

At the same time, Bojo interrupts Fateh by saying that he should not such allegations without knowing the truth behind them. But Fateh is not in a condition to hear because he wants to clear his image, therefore, he keeps on accusing Tejo and his all accusation have no base. Meanwhile, Tejo’ss anger goes at its peak and starts unleashing the truth and as soon as Fateh gets familiar with it he will feel ashamed as well. Even Bojo can not bear all these allegations of Fateh because Tejo did not do anything inappropriate, therefore, no one has a right to raise finger on her character, hence, he breaks his silence.

Udaariyaan Written Episode

Then Tejo makes everyone familiar with the entire truth that why she used to meet Bojo and he gets shocked because Tejo was not wrong at all. Meanwhile, Tejo takes a decision that no matter what happens but she will never stay with Fateh under the same roof. Because he addressed her characterless and betrayed her too so now she is leaving his house forever. But before going she wants to clear one more thing that Jasmine had a dream to stay with Fateh, so she is fulfilling that. Therefore, from today Jasmine will stay with Fateh over her, and now she does not take any relation from both.

Although the entire family tries to stop Tejo she swears at them by saying that please do not try to stop her because she is adamant about her words now. It is being speculated that a leap is going to place in the show, where Jasmine and Fateh will get married to each other but they are not happy with that. So now it will interesting to watch that what will happen next with them because Tejo has closed her chapter from their life. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more details connect with us.


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