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Udaariyaan: Jasmine Calls Fateh ‘Jiju’ Watch 5th June 2021 Written Episode


Today’s written episode of Udaariyaan begins with Tejo’s mother. She calls Tejo and questions her if she would be coming for the “Pag Phere” or not. Tejo answers that she will definitely come. Fateh who was standing there listens to the conversation and decides to accompany Tejo to complete the ritual. However, after arriving there, his eyes search for Jasmine. Fateh looks for Jasmine everywhere but couldn’t find her. On another side, Tejo also decides to meet jasmine so she goes to her. Though the latter expresses her rage towards her.

Udaariyaan 5th june

In the next scene, Tejo stands with a frame with Jasmine photograph in it. Unintentionally, the photo frame slips from her hands and falls on the floor. As a result, it breaks. Meanwhile, Jasmine comes to her and gets extremely angry seeing her standing with her broken frame. She accuses Tejo of everything that has been happening to her. Jasmine blames her for interfering with her and Fateh’s life and running it completely. Tejo burst out in anger as well and tell her that it’s her who has gotten trapped in all of this matter.

Jasmine shuts her up and tells her that she intentionally stole her love as it was up to her to call off the wedding with Fateh but she didn’t do it because she wanted to marry Fateh. Tejo hears all the accusations by Jasmine and eventually her emotions explode. She shouts at Jasmine for keep blaming her when the entire mistake was her. Tejo reminds jasmine about the decision that she made earlier. She asks Jasmine if it was not her who had announced that she won’t marry Fateh. The girls were unaware that Fateh was just standing outside and was listening to their conversation.

Fateh decides to step inside the room shocking both Jasmine and Tejo. However, Jasmine begins to ill-treat him as well. She addresses Fateh as Jiju which comes as a surprise for Fateh. He remains shocked while Jasmine keeps calling him Jiju and even asks if he needs anything. Tejo and Fateh look at each other surprisingly. Udaariyaan written episode ends here. In the upcoming episode, the story will escalate more. It would be interesting to see if Fateh and Jasmine talk to each other or they will move on in their lives. Watch this exciting track on Colors TV and keep following our site for exclusive updates and written episodes.


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