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Udaariyaan Latest 29th March 2023 Full Written Updates: Nehmat Saves Ekam?


Hello, all the daily soap enthusiasts, finally we are here with exclusive updates on your favorite and highly anticipated TV show “Udaariyaan” as the Wednesday, 29th of March 2023 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with such activities which are bringing everyone into the different space. Because now, Ekam is trying to figure out everything while finding out the name of a defaulter who is favoring Advait from their family and thus, he is keeping his eyes on each action of those who are remaining under the circle of suspicion, as he will need to get the one.

Udaariyaan 29th March 2023 Written Updates

As per the exclusive reports or sources, initially, Ekam is making sure Adavit remains behind the bars and does not get even a single chance to come out now, as he is continuously threatening Nehmat and she is getting affected by all these as she did not overcome the pain he gave her and this is the only reason, she is still going through trauma as he recent her something more derogatory than ever and this is the only reason, she is scared a bit as well because she did not imagine to face but unfortunately it occurred in the worst manner.

Udaariyaan 29th March 2023 Written Updates

Later, Ekam comes back to his house and asks Nehmat to be ready for further functions as they are going to get tied the knot together and he expresses his curiosity as well. As soon as Jasmine comes to know about their plans she shows her another trick while mixing the intoxicating pills in the drink of Ekam and meanwhile, she asks him to bring the important things for the wedding. Ekam agrees because no one is there beside him who can purchase the items and thus, he leaves the place after reaching a few miles ahead he starts losing control over his senses.

At the same time, he gets severe chest pain as well which causes the car’s misbalanced as he lost control of the speed too therefore, his car takes the round in a spontaneous manner and at the same time, Nehmat gets a video on her mobile which shows that Ekam is not handling his car and going to get indulged in a severe accident therefore, without thinking even once she goes to save him and stands in front of the car so that he can push the breaks. So watch it on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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