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Udaariyaan Latest Updates Today’s Episode 2nd March 2023 Ekam Expresses His Love


Hello, all the daily soap enthusiasts, finally we are back with fresh updates on your favorite and highly dramatic TV show “Udaariyaan” as the Thursday, 2nd March 2023 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with some activities which will bring you into the different space. After falling the lights from the set Nehmat gets injured extremely as Ekam rushes to save her but unluckily as long as he reaches there she sustains an injury at the same time he pushes Harleen away because the same terror roams on her head too, asks everyone to leave the stage.


Meanwhile, he gives first aid to Nehmat while removing blood stains with cotton and antiseptic while asking them to call the doctor as she got injured. Harleen makes a call to the doctor and conveys everything about how her sister got injured due to an incident. Later, she gets her senses back through medicines and starts asking everyone about the tragedy because as far as she has concerned she was dancing, and spontaneously something bigger hit her head in a certain manner she turned fainted. Everyone asks her to take a rest for a while unless she recovers from the pain as they are here to manage things.

Udaariyaan Nehmat Gets Extremely Injured?

After a while, Ekam comes to Nehmat and asks about her health condition because she had hit by something big and her head wound are clearly speaking out how intense the tragedy was. Nehmat thanks him to save her and mentions that if he had not been there so she does not know what could have happened there because the entire stage got ruined by the incident which is a matter of great thinking as it is indicating that someone is standing behind all these. Ekam makes her sure that he will figure out everything and if someone is having involvement in all this, she the person will get punished.

At the same time, Nehmat asks Ekam about his feelings for Harleen because as far as she has concerned Harleen loves him a lot and her efforts can be seen as well but he does not seem to be interested in all these. Ekam replies that he will take time to overcome the pain he has gone through in his past due to their relationship and therefore, he can not give the permit to anyone else to come into his life. So do not miss streaming the show on Colors TV at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast


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