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Udaariyaan Latest Written Episode 23rd Sep 2021: Jasmine Executes Her Conspiracy Against Tejo


The 23rd September 2021 episode of Udaariyaan will begin where Jasmine snatched the academy rights from Tejo not to prove her capability to prove herself better. but with an enormity of intentions of humiliating Tejo. Ever since Jasmine came to know that Tejo has delayed her divorce for some time, she is getting frustrated because she does not want to see Tejo ahead in the Virk house. Therefore she decided to do such exploits so that, Tejo will be out of their life forever, but now she wants to figure out that why Tejo delayed her divorce while, she wanted to take it fast.


Then Jasmine starts working in the Academy and while, organizing the documents she got a letter from Almira, which was sent by the state government. She reads and gets happy because the government wants to give the “Sher-E-Punjab” award to Fateh. Her happiness knows no bounds because such a big achievement Fateh is going to take which is commendable enough. Meanwhile, she comes to Virk’s house and makes everyone familiar with the news, and informs that she will organize such a grand event because Fateh is being honoured by the state government.

Udaariyaan Written Update

At the same time, Jasmine unleashes that she will call to Media so that, they can broadcast the event to make Fateh’s supporters familiar with her achievement. Meanwhile, Sukhbir Singh Gill says that everything is fine but there is no need for Jasmine’s involvement because as per the law, Tejo is spouse of Fateh. But Fateh asks Sukhbir Singh to let her do whatever she wants, meanwhile Tejo comes and agrees with him. She says let her do whatever she wants, because they should see her capability, as she always compares herself better than Tejo. so let her prove this if she is really aweson than Tejo.

Inwardly, Jasmine wonders that it is the right time to execute her strategy against Tejo, because everyone is getting worried about Fateh’s wife. Because the event will be attended by both Tejo & Jasmine and only one can be represented herself as his spouse. Meanwhile, Khushbir Singh says that he will not attend an event because he knows that the circumstances are going to be worse. At the same time, Jasmine interrupts him and says that she will not attend an event for the sake of their honor. Further mentions that she knows Tejo is Fateh’s spouse legally and therefore she will go with him. So do not miss steaming it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for further details stay connected with us


  1. Finally the serial shows jasmine is successful in locking Tejo and scene shows that she is the wife of tejo , but one thing I can’t understand how fateh is so blind not seeing good qualities in tejo and running after jasmine,real color of jasmine will be shown if visa of fateh gets cancelled, that will be the end of jasmine, jasmine parents allow her to stay in tejo’s in law house and fateh’s parents allow her to stay ….I feel it happens only in serial….it gives wrong impression of Indian culture …almost all serials show either other woman or man ,serial shows they are allowed to stay with family…


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