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Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 21st Feb 2023 Written Update Ekam Purposes Harleen


Hello, all the daily soap enthusiasts, finally we are back with exclusive updates of your favorite TV show “Udaariyaan”, as the Tuesday, 21st February 2023 episode is bringing high voltage drama along with such activities which will make you feel overwhelmed. As Nehmat has come to know the reality of Advait and this is the reason, she is now looking ahead to expose him no matter what happens because once he will come into politics with power, no one can stop him to attempt such exploits, therefore, she sees ahead to get the evidence against him.


Meanwhile, Nehmat realizes that she should not have scolded him as she did because he did not have any fault in all these, and therefore, she decides to apologize to him so that, he can not have any grudge against her and thus, she reaches to apologize him but unfortunately he does not meet her due to his duty. At the same time, she comes to know that Harleen loves Ekam and he also has feelings for her in short, she gets shocked to get the things but somehow she will have to accept the reality because Ekam deserves to take a step into the new life.

At the same time, she decides to prepare something for him and Harleen and thus, she plans a romantic date in the garden where the two can confess their feelings. Because, somehow something is stopping them and hence, they need to push themselves so that, they confess everything in front of their faces because things could have remained unsolved, therefore, they will need to confess everything and this is the reason, she reaches there with Ekam and gets shocked to see such an arrangement in the garden as she feels overwhelmed, even Ekam also surprises to see everything.

Later, Nehmat comes into the garden where she hears the confession of the two as they are looking ahead to give the legal name to their relationship. Nehmat gets happy to hear all this because Ekam deserves someone who can stand by him all the time, and Harleen is a great person to be with him and therefore, she thinks to remove her appearance between the two because she has done whatever she wanted as everything went best as per her convenience. So do not miss watching the show on Colors TV at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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