Home Entertainment Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 29th August 2022 Khushbir Singh Refuses To Accept Jasmine

Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 29th August 2022 Khushbir Singh Refuses To Accept Jasmine


Hello, all the daily soap lovers, finally your favorite and highly anticipated show “Udaariyaan” is ready to make you feel over the top as the 29th August 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama. As Khushbir Singh met Jasmine at the request of a lady who provided her a shelter, but he refuses to accept her by saying that he does not know who is Jasmine and this is the reason could not bring her back to his residence. Because without having any relation how can he bring her back, after hearing all this Jasmine gets shocked as she never ever expected it.


Meanwhile, when Khuishbir Singh takes a step out of the threshold Jasmine asks her daughter to hold Khushbir Singh’s finger, in short, she is still showing her ace of space in such a manner. Khushbir Singh asks the little girl what happened she replies that she came to her grandfather, he gets shocked to see her and spontaneously Jasmine says that she is his grandchild. Khushbir Singh holds her while carrying the tears into his eyes and says how pretty she is, and takes her in his arms while showering his love.

At the same time, he recalls all the betrayals of Jasmine and says that he could not take any decision under the shed of his emotion because it is not the first time that Jasmine is doing all this. Therefore, he makes the little girl understand that he is not her grandfather he just knows her mother or nothing else. In short, Khushbir Singh has decided that now he will not forgive her no matter what happens. Meanwhile, Jasmine breaks down in tears while begging for her at the time of asking his favor, then he says that he can arrange the shelter and food for the two or nothing else, and leaves the place.

At the time of leaving the place, Khushbir Singh requests Jasmine to maintain an arm’s distance from her family because he will not let her ruin their happiness. Even he closes his hand by saying that she needs to stay far from their families because after a very long the happiness knocked on their doors. In short, Jasmine’s all plans have been canceled to such an extent without influencing Khushbir Singh. Inwardly she knows that now as he met to hgi8s granddaughter so he will definitely come to see her again.


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