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Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 31st August 2022 Written Update & Spoilers


Hello, all the TV drama lovers, finally your favorite and highly anticipated daily soap “Udaariyaan” is set to make you feel over the top, as the 31st August 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with those activities which are enough to entertain you to such an extent. Because now, Jasmine is continuously thinking to enter her father’s house as her daughter is asking her about such things which are bothering her and this is the reason, now she is set to throw another conspiracy as well. But this time she will not do anything wrong as she did in her past.


Meanwhile, Naaz says that no matter what happens but she will not go back to Canada as her grandparents and father are evil guys as they tortured them to such an extent, as still, Jasmine’s body is containing the wound spot. After hearing all these, Jasmine recalls everything that how she used to be tortured by her husband and was helpless as she was alone there, and no one had there to help her out. This is the reason, she rushed from there and came to India back, but now she wants to give a secure future to her daughter, and therefore, she will have to do something.

At the same time, Jasmine makes her daughter sure that there is no need to worry at all as she will not send her back to Canada. Because she knows everything that her close ones are the evil guy and they do not care about anyone’s life so this is the reason, no matter what happens but she will not take a single chance now. Even, she will not let them come near her daughter because Naaz is afraid of them and before she gets the trauma she will have to provide her with an amazing life.

In the previous episode, as the viewers have watched that Khushbir Singh has broken his all relations with Jasmine by saying that no matter if she is having a daughter, he does not want to let her inside their life. Because after a very long the happiness knocked on their door and this is the reason, it would be better if she stays away from their family. But meanwhile, he promises them that he will manage their essential as he will arrange the house and food for them. So do not miss streaming the show on Colors at the correct time for more details stay tuned with us.


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