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Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 4th March 2023 Latest Updates: Ekam Investigates Advait


Hello, all the daily soap enthusiasts finally we are back with exclusive updates of your favorite and highly anticipated TV show, Udaariyaan as the Saturday, 4th March 2023 episode is bringing high voltage drama along with such activities which will make you feel overwhelmed for sure. Because finally, Ekam has come to know about the accident of Nehmat through Harleen and he reaches out to analyze the situation because somehow he knows Advait is involved in the crash because only he is having enmity with her and therefore, besides him, no one can even dare to attempt all these.


Initially, Ekam asks the investigators to find everything out while giving him the entire update on the accident. He comes to know that as soon as Advait learns Nehmat left the house alone to go somewhere and is now readily available on a national highway, Advait pulls his automobile out of the garage and rushes to kill her. As a result, he made the decision to kill her right away in order to put an end to his relationship with Nehmat. As soon as he notices her crossing the street, he speeds up and collides with her, causing a significant collision in which Nehmat is pushed forward and suffers various injuries.

After causing the fatal accident, Advait drives to his thugs and pays them a lot of money to wreck the automobile since he doesn’t want to see it again. He advises them to act quickly because if the police find the car, nobody will be able to save him. Later, when he is pretending to be innocent, he returns home as usual. When he sees Shamsher, he asks him to accompany Naaz to the scene of Nehmat’s accident so that no one will dispute them and they may take precautions at this point.

At the same time, Harleen learns of Nehmat’s accident through her sources. Without further ado, she calls Ekam and tells him everything so that he can travel to the scene and investigate the incident. Harleen believes that someone close to her is responsible for all of this because the accident was pre-planned. For this reason, she asks Ekam to meet her at the locations because Nehmat needs her in this challenging time, as she is going through pain. So do not miss watching the show on Colors TV at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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