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Udaariyaan Today’s Update 22nd July 2021 Written Episode: Tejo & Fateh Get Closer


The latest episode begins with Fateh and Tejo leaving in their car. Fateh appreciates Tejo says you are a brilliant storyteller and maker. Tejo laughs at his compliment. Tejo sees him, Fateh says it is just because of that drink, it contained some alcohol. Tejo gets surprised hearing this and asks what are you saying. Tejo says that she felt like running away on the first day of our marriage. Fateh appreciates Tejo for not running away. Tejo says that she wanted to slap you on the day when I wore Jasmin’s saree and you throw milk on me.

Udaariyaan Today's Update 22nd July 2021 Written Episode: Tejo & Fateh Get Closer

Fateh suddenly stops the car, Tejo asks what happened, Fateh asks him to get down from the car. Tejo gets worried and asks you just says that I can say everything. But Fateh says you want to slap me do it right away. Fateh forces Tejo to slap him, Tejo apologizes to Fateh. Fateh holds Tejo’s hand and asks for forgiveness. He says I was mad and behave rudely with you. Fateh cries and Tejo consoles her. Jasmin there gets fumes and started throwing things and says Fateh is all mine. Jasmin is going insane for Fateh.

Fateh there asks Tejo that it is going to be raining we better sit in the car and leave. But the car doesn’t start and it starts raining there. Fateh thinks about how can he check the engine of the car in such heavy rain. Just then Tejo fetches an umbrella and says it will help us, Fateh says great and goes to check the car. Fateh checks the car and engine and the engine oil spills over his shirt. Tejo laughs at Fateh as his face gets black she cleans his face with her veil and beholds each other.

Fateh says he will try one more time while Tejo looks at him and recalling the old days. At the same time wind blows and their umbrella flies. Tejo stumbles when Fateh holds him. While Jasmin comes out to find Tejo and Fateh, she found Amrik and she says we have to find Tejo and Fateh soon. Fateh there thinks to send his location to Amrik so he can pick them up. Amrik gets the location and informs everything to Jasmin. Fateh and Tejo there enter an empty house and they get romantic seeing each other. Jasmin and Amrik reach there stunned seeing Tejo and Fateh through the window. The episode gets ends, catch the latest episode on Colors Tv at 7 PM. Never miss any Udaariyaan Written Update here at Social Telecast.


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