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Udaariyaan Today’s Written Episode 24th February 2023 Nehmat Loses Her Calm


Hello, all the daily soap enthusiasts, finally your beloved and extremely dramatic TV show “Udaariyaan” is now ready to overwhelm you on Friday, February 24, 2023, episode by bringing high-voltage drama along with such activities that will transport you to a different space in a way that no one could have even dreamed. After Nehmat enlisted Nikhil’s assistance in presenting him with all the proof against his brother and father, he now has to take action because everything is in front of him like an open book and he is unable to deny it. Because somehow Nehmat is having the truth in her voice and thus, he decides to go with the flow.


In the meantime, Nehmat instructs Nikhil to examine the basement where he would find such goods and crucial evidence for sure that will immediately speak for themselves because the two had brought a lot of things, thus they undoubtedly left something there. When the rally is in progress, Nikhil decides to examine everything so that no one can observe him during his activities. If something is there, as Nehmat claims, he will not let his brother and father leave and will make sure to put them in prison. Since nobody has the right to ruin someone else’s life in the way that they did.

After a while, Nikhil comes upstairs with a file as he had sent the evidence to the forensic because now only such reports can put the curtains off from all the truth, but during all these, he behaves normally as he does not know anything and therefore, as soon as the time is passing his tension is also getting enhanced because the way he thought about the circumstances they are more difficult than ever, so therefore, it will take time to get solved and this is the reason he will have to be patient.

Besides all these, he asks Nehmat to take a rest at her mother’s house unless the reports come because he does not want anyone to harm her as she is claiming. But when she was heading to reach her house a few media persons surround her and throw such questions which left Nehmat shocked therefore, she loses her senses and starts humiliating the media while asking them to go away as she is not in a condition to talk about Advait as he is her culprit and thus, she will never forgive him. So do not miss watching it on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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