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Udaariyaan Today’s Written Episode Update: Fateh Accuses Tejo For Betraying 30th August 2021


The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan begins where Fateh gets suspicious of Tejo because he does not like to see Bojo and Tejo together. Therefore Tejo is standing in the dock of suspicion for Fateh, because he doubts that why the closeness is growing between the two. Hence he decides to figure out everything as soon as possible so that, everything can confront as a mirror. Because Tejo started hiding such stuff from Fateh which is bothering him and ever since his mother saw Tejo with Bojo, she made him inflame too. This is the reason he is finding a thing to get the truth behind such closeness.

Udaariyaan 30-8-2021

After a while, he wonders that he should talk to Tejo otherwise misunderstanding getting increased between the two that will affect their relationship as well. Therefore he asks her about such stuff but she does not tell him anything by making excuses that she has some work, so she will have to leave the place as soon as possible. But meanwhile, Fateh sees her mobile in which, she saved Bojo’s number with a girl’s name and when she leaves to bring something. Fateh takes advantage of the opportunity and takes the number.

Then he makes a call and Bojo replies he gets shocked and shattered too because Tejo did not tell him anything. He accuses her of betraying him by saying that whatever she is doing is not appropriate enough, and says that he will never forgive her. Because she has an extramarital affair with Bojo despite, thinking about her marriage, in short, Fateh is not considering his mistake as he also got into an affair with Jasmine over Tejo. Spontaneously, he makes a call to Jasmine and asks her to meet as soon as possible, she comes and asks what happened why he called her to meet on such short notice.

Then he unleashes everything and assures her that he is ready to fulfill her wish to go to Canada, but puts a condition in front of her that they will not tell anyone about it. Jasmine gets amazed because extempore informed her and somewhere she gets doubts that something is fishy behind the decision. But he does not know that Tejo is doing all this in his favor and she is not wrong at all, therefore whenever he will get the truth he will feel ashamed. So do not forget to stream it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for further details connect with us.


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