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Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update 25th Nov 2021 Episode Spoilers: Angad & Tejo Get Engaged


The 25th November 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where Tejo keeps on thinking about Fateh and meanwhile, Angad Maan takes place but she does not consider him as she is lost in her thoughts. Angad asks her to put a rose in her hair because the fragrance of the rose will remove her all worries and make her day well enough. Meantime Tejo replies that why not and asks him to make a promise that they will be best friends forever, no matter what happens their wedding will not affect their bond, Angad assures her that there is no need to think more.

Udaariyaan Today's Written Update 25th Nov 2021 Episode Spoilers: Angad & Tejo Get Engaged

At the same time, Fateh arrives at their room and sees them together even Angad Maan hugs him by saying that he can come anytime as it’s his house. But Fateh says that he saw the doors open hence without knocking he came and apologizes as well spontaneously, he gets a call which makes him worried and he leaves the place as well. Then Fateh meets Khushbir Singh while arranging the priest because his father wants to invite the same priest who is coming in their all functions, but he refuses by saying that he has hired the priest already.

Udaariyaan Written Episode 25th Nov 2021

Meanwhile, Khushbir Singh retaliates to Fateh by saying that how could he invite another priest, despite having a family priest. But Fateh makes him understand that if they invite a stranger priest who dopes not about their family, so it would be better enough. Because as far as he has concerned nowadays, their house is becoming the witness of several verbal spat and therefore he does not want that some issues again highlight in front of their family priest. That’s why he invites another priest instead of their family, Khushbir Singh agrees with him because their family reputation comes first.

Later, Angad and Tejo’s engagement takes place in the absence of Fateh because he went somewhere without informing anyone. Meanwhile, both exchange their rings, and the entire family commemorates their new beginning. At the same time, Khushbir Singh asks Angad Maan to make a promise to him, that he will always stay with Tejo and become the cause of her happiness. Because she has tolerated a lot of pain in the past, and now he does not want to see her in such circumstances again, Angad Maan assures them that they do not need to think about Tejo.


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