Home Entertainment Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update & Episode 15th Nov 2022: Naaz Destroys Ekam?

Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update & Episode 15th Nov 2022: Naaz Destroys Ekam?


Hello, all the daily soap lovers, finally your favorite and highly anticipated TV drama “Udaariyaan” is all set to make you feel over the top, as the Tuesday, 16th November 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with such activities which will definitely make you feel over the top. Because finally, Naaz has gotten the important file of Ekam and his father and a few pages are containing the crucial stuff which is enough to make them terminate from their reputed posts. As it is holding all those past activities which were having their involvement.

Udaariyaan Today's Written Update & Episode 15th Nov 2022: Naaz Destroys Ekam?

Hence, initially, Naaz wonders if she should steal the file and keep it safe while waiting for the accurate moments because these pages are ace of space and once they will get unveiled than the game will be overturned upside down in a certain manner, no one will able to remove such facts. But then she thinks that if she takes the file so there is a high chance of getting caught, so it would be better if she takes only those pages which are important enough. Before someone reaches there Naaz completed her exploit and leaves the room while smiling as she has passed such steps to destroy them.

Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update

Meanwhile, she expresses her rage against Malika too by mentioning that she will not let her marry as well, because she was the one who defamed her in front of Varun’s mother in spite of knowing that she is not harmful to her. But she did not shut her mouth and said certain things which hurt her a lot so now it is her turn to get hurt. In short, Naaz is showing her real colors as Jasmine because blood is blood and can not change at any cost, so therefore, she is having the same tendencies which Jasmine had against Tejo.

On the other hand, Advait makes a call to Jasmine and conveys everything that he has hidden in the article along with the entire file, so she does not need to worry at all. Jasmine praises him by saying that she remembered a movie “Baap Numbari or Beta Dus Numbari” in short she taunts him. Advait says that she should not make his father aware of all this, she agrees and says that she just wants to see their child happily married or nothing else and cut the call. So watch it on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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