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Udaariyaan Written Episode 15th September 2021 Update: Fateh and Tejo Argue


The all-new episode of Udaariyaan begins with Fateh tells Jasmin that he is going to sleep in the hall. Jasmine gets surprised hearing that and tells her that he can sleep in any other room. Fateh angrily says that it is my house and I can sleep wherever I want, but Jamin asks her to sleep with her. Fateh says we can’t sleep together, it wouldn’t be right. Jasmin annoyingly replies that she isn’t asking him for sharing the bed. Fateh says that we aren’t married yet so, can’t sleep together on the same bed and on the same room either.

Udaariyaan today's episode

Jasmin starts arguing with Fateh, Fateh says that he wants his family to accept her promptly. Jasmin says Tejo already conquered their heart and they won’t accept me at any cost. Jasmin further says that it would be better if you abandon me on the road to die or provide my rights to me, I can’t take all this anymore. Fateh leaves and reminds the words of his family members. While Fateh is going to the hall, he sees Gurpreet and stops her. Gurpreet asks Fateh who can you do this to your family. Fateh pleads with her mother to understand him.

Gurpreet reminds Fateh of what Jasmin did to her in front of everyone. She says that she left you helpless in front of everyone and at that time Tejo holds your hand kept the prestige of this family. Gurpreet tells Fateh that she accepted Tejo, but she can’t accept Jasmin at any cost. She then warns her and says that she will separate him from his family. Gurpreet goes and Fateh looks on.

The next morning Tejo brings Biji to the hall and Biji asks her to help her in preparing prasad for Lord Ganesha. Tejo gets agreed happily, Fateh is noticing everything. Fateh asks Tejo what do you want why do you doing all this. He further says don’t you have self-respect. Tejo replies that he only staying back just because of his father, I am not that self-centred. Fateh asks if you came here for Biji then why are you quarrelling with Jasmin, Tejo and Fateh get into an argument. Tejo gives a befitting reply to Fateh and leaves, whereas Fateh is taken back. Nimmo, there is watching everything and think to add fuel to the fire. Tune in to Colors at 7 PM today and watch the complete episode. Get the complete Udaariyaan written update here at Social Telecast.


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