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Udaariyaan Written Episode 17th July 2021 Update: Mami Warns Tejo


The latest episode of Udaariyaan starts with Fateh again starts remembering Jasmin and suddenly stops doing exercise. Fateh is continuously thinking of Jasmin while working out. At the same time, Buzo comes there and tries to talk to Fateh, but Fateh asks him to go from here. Jasmin overhears when Bebe asks about Mami and Dilraj says that Mami went to meet Tejo. Jasmin gets tensed hearing this, she thinks that Mami must tell everything to Tejo and everything will get ruined once again. She inwardly thinks that she did a lot to trap Tejo in her jargon and now Fateh is also returning to me, but Mami will spoil everything.

Udaariyaan Written Episode 17th July 2021 Update: Mami Warns Tejo

Fateh there is becoming restless and shares with Buzo that Jasmin again starts affecting him badly. Buzo says to Fateh that he thought that you have been forgotten her. Fateh says he forgot her, but when she returned from her Mama’s town she only wants to talk to him, but now she is behaving like he doesn’t exist. Fateh further says that the problem is why I am getting affecting by all that and getting bothering by Jasmin avoidance. Buzo says she isn’t avoiding him, she is just moving on. Fateh yells that he also wants the same but don’t know why he isn’t liking it all.

Fateh further says he is falling for her again, he says it was all fine when she wasn’t around but now I am going back again instead of moving on. Tejo gets tensed after Mami reveals the truth. Tejo says it is impossible, but Mami says she is saying right. She further says that she is aware of Jasmin intentions. She doesn’t want to marry Gippy. She is doing all this just to make Fateh jealous. Mami further says Fateh has become her adamancy and she is planning all this to get him.

Tejo tries to explain and says that Jasmin seems quite excited about her marriage. She says that Jasmin even proposes Gippy in front of everyone. Mami interrupts her in between and says she proposed to him because Fateh was there seeing them. Mami says she is trying to get Fateh back by using Gippy. Tejo gets awestruck after hearing Mami. Tune in to Colors TV and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Udaariyaan Written Episode.


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