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Udaariyaan Written Episode 24th March 2023 Updates: Jasmine Loses Her Calm


Hello, all the Udaariyaan enthusiasts, finally your favorite and highly anticipated TV drama is all set to bring you into a different space, as the Friday, 24th of March 2023 episode is going to feature more shocking activities than ever. Because Jasmine is all set to kill Nehmat, her chapter can be closed from their life forever and her daughter Harleen gets her love Ekam back. In short, she is going to execute something lethal because she does not want to pardon the circumstances of her life again because in the past she has bear all these due to Tejo and now her daughter Nehmat is doing the same.


Opposite, Harleen manages a date while sending both Nehamt and Ekam there, when Nehmat and Ekam arrive at their destination, they are surprised to see that she had embellished the area with flowers and other striking items. Even though Nehmat claims that her date with Ekam will be amazing, she will still celebrate it with a lot of enthusiasm. Ekam decides to overwhelm her by giving her gifts and other items that she would like, but she does not bring anything for him and instead chooses to give them to him later while they are still living the golden moment.

Udaariyaan 24th March 2023 Updates

But her mother Jasmine is being burned by her rage as she selects to destroy Nehmat’s life since Harleen deserves Ekam rather than Nehmat and she does not want Nehamt to be happy with Ekam no matter what happens. She also says Nehmat is treating her daughter the same manner her mother Tejo treated her in the past after she stole Fateh. Nevertheless, this time she won’t let it happen because she doesn’t want Harleen to end up like Jasmine, who has had a lot of pain in the past because of love. Jasmine will do something more inappropriate and harmful than ever to divert Nehmat from her path.

Thus, Jasmine makes a call to her goons who help her in everything, and sends them a picture of Nehmat while threatening to feed them with sums of money they could never have dreamed of while mentioning that if they were to succeed. She also says that she doesn’t want to see any girls in the future so that they can treat her in whatever they choose. In other words, she allowed them the freedom to try something dangerous to end her chapter in their lives so that Harleen might obtain Ekam. So watch it on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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