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Udaariyaan Written Episode 9th June 2021 Full Update: Tejo Raises Her Hand On Jasmine


The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins along with a morning scene and Fateh wakes up, he goes to the bathroom and knocks on the door. Fateh asks Tejo to come out but instead of coming out, Tejo starts an argument with him. Tejo comes out and drying her hair. Fateh comes and says that you won’t understand anything about love and heartbreak. Tejo gets sad hearing his words. Tejo says that she never fall for anyone but she quite aware of your heartbreak. Fateh leaves and Tejo sobs. Just then Rupy calls Tejo and says he was missing and that is why he called her to know your well-being.

Udaariyaan Written Episode 9th June 2021 Full Update: Tejo Raises Her Hand On Jasmine

But Tejo tries to disconnect the call, Rupy senses that Tejo is crying, Tejo denies it. Rupy asks Tejo to meet him, Tejo agrees and goes to meet him. Rupy asks about the behaviour of your in-laws with you. Tejo recalls Fateh’s behaviour and tears come out of her eyes. Tejo emotionally tells everything to Rupy and everyone gets stunned. Fateh there is doing his work out when Buzo comes to him. At the same time, Amrik comes to Fateh and asks him to participate in this fight for his father’s dignity.

Fateh says what happened now you were not talking to me earlier. Amrik says that you betrayed Jasmin. Amrik then asks why did you accept Tejo as your better half. Everyone ins Tejo’s family feeling bad for Tejo. Her Bebe says that she is sure Tejo will fulfil all her relation heartily. Just then Jasmin returns from her college and she noticed Tejo. She starts mocking her she says that you ruined her life. She also says if you are aware that Fateh lost his job. Jasmin says that her father tells this in anger.

She again blames Tejo that you spoil my life, Tejo replies that we are compelled to marry each other. Jasmin says that if you should not get agree with this marriage. Jasmin says that it was all planned. She says that you stealthily loves Fateh and always want to marry him. Tejo is about to slap her but Jasmin holds her hand. Tejo leaves from there and goes to Gurudwara and sobs. She inwardly prays that I wasn’t at fault but still all my beloved blaming me. On another hand, all family members think that Tejo is missing. Enjoy all the episodes of the first season of shows on Voot. Never miss a Udaariyaan written update on Social Telecast.


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