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Udaariyaan Written Episode Update Of 26th June 2021: Jasmin’s Marriage Fixes With Gippi?


The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will start where Jasmin’s aunt notices her while baking a cake and she passes a remark by saying that she is becoming sagacious. She replies that since infancy she is a wise girl, meantime, she interrupts and says that she used wise words for her because finally, she is moving on. But after hearing herm Jasmin recalls all those incidents whom she has gone through and she leaves the place. Then her aunt goes to Sukhmini and says that they should think about Jasmin and Gippi’s wedding.

Udaariyaan Written Episode Update Of 26th June 2021: Jasmin's Marriage Fixes With Gippi?

Then she mentions that Jasmin is cooking food under keeping mind a choice of Gippi so that, she can impress him. Meanwhile, Rupy hears everything and gets happy at the same time Jasmin is thinking inwardly that she is doing all this only make Fateh Jealous or nothing else. Another side, Fateh goes to drop Jasmin at the college meantime, Preeto captures them together and sends their photo to Jasmin. Later, Jasmin looks at all images and ruins the cake.

After that, Preeto tries to console her by saying that she should move on as Fateh did because he is happy with Tejo, but she denies moving on, and whatever she is doing it just to show off. After a while, Amrik meets Fateh and starts interrogating him that what is the reason behind Gurpreet’s dishonour, and why he is taking Tejo over everyone in his priority. Then Fateh unleashes that he did not take anyone’s favour even Mahi agrees with him and says that whatever he did that all was appropriate.

But Amrik does not like Mahi’s statement and starts expressing his rage but they are sticking on their word, through which, he leaves the place. Another side, Jasmin is crying while remembering Fateh and meanwhile, He is having ice cream but Tejo gets scared to see him and he elaborates that he used to it since childhood. Then both have a conversation under which they decided to move on and go ahead in their life, in which both will help each other.

The next morning Tejo prepares the breakfast for Gurpreet due to her health circumstances, but meanwhile, Fateh informs her that there is no need for anything for her. Because it seems that she is doing a drama for seeking attention, Sponteniuosly Mahi arrives in the kitchen for helping Jasmine with Breakfast. On the other hand, Jasmin is being asked for breakfast but she denies it and goes to her room. Meantime, wonders that Fateh started loving Tejo gradually, so do not miss streaming it on Colors at 07:00 PM.


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