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Udaariyaan Written Episode16th July 2021: Satti Warns Tejo About Jasmine


In the latest episodes of Udaariyaan, we are watching that Gippy comes to Jasmin and Fateh gets jealous seeing them. Fateh and Tejo leave from there, Fateh still thinks about Jasmin and suddenly a biker comes in front of his car. Fateh gets furious and is about to beat him when Tejo controls him. Tejo asks what has got into you, Fateh lies that he is tensed for the academy. Tejo assures him that everything will get fine. Mami there comes to Tejo’s mother and is about to disclose Jasmin’s reality, but at the same time, Jasmin overhears her words and comes there. She asks Mamiji what was she saying to her mother.

Udaariyaan 16th July

Mami tries to leave but Jasmin teases her and further says that she thinks I am planning to separate Tejo and Fateh. Satti confirms it from Mami, she says this is the truth Jasmin isn’t interested in Gippy at all she is just using him. Jasmin again starts playing the victim card and Bebe speaks in Jasmin’s support. Mami says she is saying the truth, Satti asks Jasmin to swears to her that her intentions are right for Fateh and Tejo. Bebe asks Satti if she is out of her mind you won’t believe your own daughter. Bebe further says Canada always remain a priority for Jasmin. Mami replies but Fateh is her obstinacy.

Fateh there is restless, Jasmin memories are hunting him and he throws the thing in bathroom and cries. Jasmin there thinks that it would be difficult for Fateh to live without me. Just then Fateh noticed the same t-shirt hugs by Jasmin and throws it away. He goes to Tejo working in the kitchen he holds her hand and takes her with him to their room. Fateh hugs Tejo emotionally. He says that he is lucky to have a better life partner like you. Tejo consoles her and says she is glad to have a husband like you.

Just then Nimmo calls for Tejo and Fateh gets a bit away from Tejo. They both smiles. Fateh leaves and Tejo noticed the new saree she brought from the market and thinks to wear it. Fateh returns to the room and get elated seeing Tejo flaunting her Saree. They both gesticulate with each other for a while, Fateh signs her she is looking adorable and Tejo smiles.

Later, Jasmin comes to know that Satti went to Tejo to meet her. Satti meets Tejo and warns her that Jasmin is still all after your relation. She further says that Jasmin doesn’t want to marry Gippy. Tejo stunned. Tune in to Colors Tv at 7 PM and watch more episodes. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more Udaariyaan Written Update.


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