Home Entertainment Udaariyaan Written Update 10th September 2021 Episode: Jasmine Gets Into Brutal Accident

Udaariyaan Written Update 10th September 2021 Episode: Jasmine Gets Into Brutal Accident


The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan starts where Tejo comes to her mother’s home and breaks down in tears along with the entire family, because no one expected that one day Jasmine will betray them. Tejo inwardly accusing herself that how could not she understand their mutual feelings before. Another side, Khushbir Singh addresses Fateh’s cunning and mentions that he wishes God would never bless him with Fateh as his son because today he has bowed his head in shame. Even Khushbir Singh mentions, he never ever thought that he would have to see a day like this.

Udaariyaan Written Update 10th September 2021 Episode Jasmine Gets Into Brutal Accident

Then he asks Fateh to leave his house as soon as possible because whatever he has done with Tejo is not forgivable. Meanwhile, says that no space exists in their house for him and Jasmine because they consider only Tejo as their daughter-in-law, and no matter what happens but they will not accept Jasmine. Meanwhile, Fateh decides to leave the house forever along with Jasmine, and as soon as Fateh tries to go out from the threshold his mother comes spontaneously and holds his hand. Meantime, says that she will not let her son go anywhere else, and if someone wants to go so Jasmine will go.

At the same time, Fateh’s mother humiliates Jasmine by saying that she will not accept Jasmine at all, because she ruined her sister’s house. So there is a lack of chances to believe her and she accuses her badly and asks her to leave her son. Extempore, she gets minor attack and her health becomes worse and Fateh takes her inside without Jasmine. She wonders that due to her exploits now no one is standing with her, hence, she makes a call to her family and her father receives it, she apologizes to him for her exploits.

Then Jasmine’s father says that a “witch also attacks after leaving seven houses” but she ruined her sister’s wedding life, so should be felt ashamed of herself. Meanwhile, he warns her that no space exists for her in his house so it’s better if she gets died. Jasmine gets shocked to hear and breaks down in tears, and spontaneously Jasmine gets brutal accident by truck and gets highly injured. So now it is interesting to watch that what will happen now in the show, so do not forget to watch it on colors at 07:00 PM and for more details stay¬† connected with us


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