Home Entertainment Udaariyaan Written Update 12th Nov 2022 Episode: Jasmine Returns In Rupi’s House?

Udaariyaan Written Update 12th Nov 2022 Episode: Jasmine Returns In Rupi’s House?


Hello, all the Udaariyaan lovers, finally your favorite show is set to make you feel over the top as the Saturday, 12th of November 2022 episode is bringing high voltage drama along with some unexpected activities. As Ekam is accusing Nehmat as a dual-standard girl whose character is not individually good and making two boys crazy. In short, Ekam has lost his senses while expressing his rage as he is saying such things which are not good enough. Nehmat gets shocked to hear all these, but she is not even stopping him as she wants to hear all such things which are remaining in his heart.

Udaariyaan Written Update 12th Nov 2022 Episode Jasmine Returns In Rupi's House


Meanwhile, Ekam leaves the place at the time of breaking down in tears but Nehmat is not asking him to stay, as he has crossed all his limits while throwing such words which are not less than a sword as it pierced the heart of Nehmat. Advait tries to console Nehmat and says that he will talk to Ekam and make him understand about everything, that nothing is like here as he is thinking. But Nehmat says that now he needs to be alone as he does not know what he did under the rage of his anger.

Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update

On the other hand, Jasmine is remembering her old days when she went to Rupi and asked him for help but he refused by ordering her to leave the village. She mentions that he could have helped her out from a hard time but he paid attention to Tejo and Fateh, as he refused to accept her as his daughter when he should have given her even a single chance. But he thought of himself as a god and passed the decision which was inappropriate enough because he did not even think about where she will go and what she will do but he did not care about that.

Meantime, she brings her wedding outfit out and says that she wants to give her the attire as she should wear it, as Naaz is going to get married to Nikhil as only a few moments are left in their wedding. But now, Jasmine is ready to make her appearance again in the Virk house, as her daughter’s wedding is around the corner and she is not gonna miss it at any cost no matter who will be there. So watch it on Colors TV at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us, and do follow Social Telecast.


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