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Udaariyaan Written Update 14th Sept 2021 Episode: Khusbeer Asks Tejo To Stay Back


The exclusive episode of Udaariyaan begins with Abhiraj gets Tejo’s bag and tells her to better think once again. Everyone takes back and seeing Tejo. Tejo then asks Khusbeer that where she stays, Khusbeer smiles and says in the same room you used to live in. Nimo taunts Gurpreest to increase your blood pressure dose as Fateh is going to handle two women at a time. Khusbeer asks Amrik to take Tejo’s bag in her room. Fateh is about to say something, but Khusbeer reprimands him says you have lost all your right to be spoken in this house. Khusbeer says that the room belongs to Tejo and asks Tejo to go to her room. Tejo looks at Fateh and leaves from there.

Udaariyaan Written Update 14th Sept 2021 Episode Khusbeer Asks Tejo To Stay Back

Fateh then asks Khusbeer why is he doing all this, he says I did a mistake by marrying her. He further says that I don’t even love her and can’t accept her as my wife. Khusbeer says you don’t matter anymore I called her as a daughter of this house. She comes here for Biji and if you both have a problem with that you both can leave this house. Nimmo again taunts Gurpreet that Jasmin will leave here as Fateh’s girlfriend.

Bebe and Satti are feeling pity for Tejo, Satti says Jasmin is her sister and now living as Sautan in Tejo’s in law house. Bebe consoles Satti and says God will help Tejo. Abhiraj is getting angry seeing Jamin at Tejo’s house, he says that he will bring her back here, but Rupy asks her to stop. Bebe suggesting talking to Jasmin once to know what is she thinking of doing. She says might she will get agreed to leave Tejo’s house. Satti says Bebe is saying right we should go with this, but Rupy says it won’t work as he knows Jasmin well.

Tejo is entering her room, but Mahi asks her that first, she will do the cleaning of your room. Mahi removes Jasmin’s stuff from the cupboard. Meanwhile, Jasmin comes to her and asks how does she dare to remove her belongings. Mahi reminds her of Khsubeer’s words and hands a packed to Jasmin and she leaves with Amrik. Jasmin goes to Tejo and asks what is doing, but Tejo gives her a befitting reply and they both argue. Watch Colors Tv today at 7 PM and watch the complete episode and get complete Uddariyaan Written Update here at Social Telecast.


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