Home Entertainment Udaariyaan Written Update 1st January 2022 Episode: Tejo Faces Domestic Violence

Udaariyaan Written Update 1st January 2022 Episode: Tejo Faces Domestic Violence


The coming episode of Udaariyaan is bringing a high voltage drama for the viewers who are following the show from the very beginning, because now finally, Angad Maan’s real face is going to be revealed in front of Tejo and everyone. Because, he has lost his senses due to his stubbornness to get Tejo as his wife by hook or by crook which has become a matter of great discussion among everyone especially Tejo, as she is perceived his weird behaviour for a long, as he is pretending soft towards her but his possessiveness is coming in such manners.

Udaariyaan Written Update 1st January 2022 Episode: Tejo Faces Domestic Violence

Later, as soon as Tejo comes to know about Angad Maan’s real side she gets shocked because hitherto she knows his caring side, but behind the soft face such a cunning man is hidden she did not even imagine. She says that she will have to do something because day by day Angad’s possession is catching the heat, which is inappropriate enough, and if everything will be going on the same, then something will definitely happen wrong with her life. Meanwhile, she says that she needs to tell someone about this issue as Angad Maan is becoming a matter of discussion.

Udaariyaan Written Update 1st January

On the other hand, Fateh has made acquainted by Riya’s granny about Angad Maan and his behaviour which is not good if someone comes closer to him. But initially, Fateh refuses to accept but somewhere he is getting doubt at him as well, because if she is saying these things with full confidence so something is fishy behind all these. Hence, Fateh decides to keep his eyes on each activity of Angad Maan, so that, he can make himself familiar with his all activities. Because if he does something with Tejo so Fateh could save her life.

Later, when Anagd and Tejo get into an argument on the issues of their personal stuff, Anagd loses his calm and slaps Tejo badly, in short, Tejo becomes the witness of Domestic violence. But Meanwhile, Fateh sees everything and his anger goes at its peak and therefore, he goes to save Tejo from Angad Maan and beats him as well by saying that no one has a right to hit Tejo in such a manner as he did. In short, the coming telecasts are going to be amazing enough as some unpredicted twists and turns are ready to commence. So watch it on Colors at the correct time and for further details stay tuned with us.


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