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Udaariyaan Written Update 22nd Sep 2021 Episode: Khushbir Singh Slams Fateh For Jasmine


The coming episode of Udaariya is going to be overwhelming enough, because Jasmine is ready to execute her conspiracy against Tejo. So that, she can send Tejo out from the Virk house forever, because nowadays Fateh is paying attention to her and realizing that he has done wrong with Tejo. But Jasmine is feeling jealous to see his sympathy towards Tejo, Hence, she decides to do something Big through which, Tejo’s chapter will close in a first attempt, so she goes to Fateh and starts blackmailing him emotionally. Because she has only this way to create differences between the two.


Then Jasmine says that she does not know how to do housework and his family also never let her do anything, so it’s better if she comes with him to the Academy for work. Because if she works there so no one will interrupt her and she will do her work properly, but Fateh asks her to stop by saying that Tejo is there to handle everything. Because she has the best perception to manage everything, and ever since she joined the Academy everything is going on well. Hence, as far as he has concerned she does not need to come with him to the Academy.

Udaariyaan 22nd Sep

At the same time, Jasmine expresses her stubborn nature and says that he should replace Tejo and make her appoint there, because being her wife she has all right to work with him there. Meanwhile, asks him to talk to his family about this as soon as possible, Fateh gets convinced and assures her that she does not need to think more, he will make them understand. As soon as Fateh asks Sukhbir Singh that he wants to replace Tejo with Jasmine, he slams Fateh by saying that there is no need for the replacement because Tejo is too sagacious and knows how to deal with someone.

Then Fateh says that they should not underestimate Jasmine because she also has the best perception towards the work, so they should give a chance to Jasmine as well. But Tejo does not know everything about Fateh’s decision and when she reaches the Academy and tries to open the door, spontaneously Jasmine takes place and says that it will not open by her. Because she has changed the lock and unleashes that Fateh replaced her so from today she will handle his family and Jasmine will handle the Academy. So do not miss watching it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more details stay connected with us.


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