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Udaariyaan Written Update 25th October 2021 Today’s Episode: Fateh Goes To Save Tejo


The 25th October 2021 episode of Udaariyaan starts where Jass is crossing his all limits while making Tejo Hostage inside her house, and now demanding to celebrate their nuptial night once again. Tejo slams him by saying that she has seen many shameless people but he is standing on the top because she has slammed him several times but despite this, he is expressing his desires. Meanwhile, Jass mentions that no matter what happens but he will definitely fulfill his desires, whether she accepts it or not because as far as he has concerned it does not matter for him.

Udaariyaan Written Update 25th October 2021 Today's Episode: Fateh Goes To Save Tejo

Another side, Fateh sees 2 missed calls of Tejo and wonders that something is wrong with her otherwise she always makes a single call. Hence, he decides to go to her residence because their mobile keep on engaging which is pointing that something is fishy there. As soon as his arrival takes place he sees that no one is there because the main door is locked from outside. Meantime, he wonders that where they went like this despite knowing the clash between Tejo and Jass. Extempore a think hits his mind that if Tejo was to go somewhere so why she did not make him familiar with that.

Udaariyaan Today’s Written Episode

At the same time, Jass is harassing Tejo in her room without her willing by saying that no one can even dare to come inside as he tied them outside, and locked the main door as well. Meantime, Tejo picks a sharp knife and starts threatening him by saying that if he comes close to him, so she will cross her all limits and kill him as well no matter what will be the consequences. Extempore, Jass says that he does not care about her lame threat, so she can do whatever she can.

These things Tejo is saying in a loud voice so that, someone can hear this and come inside to help her, therefore, Fateh hears everything and says that Tejo is inside, and before it’s too late he will have to save her from the hand of Jass. So now it is interesting to watch that what Fateh will do to make her honor safe, and punish Jass for making these exploits with her family. Because Fateh has taken sware that no matter what happens but he will not let him go this time, so watch it on Colors at 07:00 PM.


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