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Udaariyaan Written Update 27th October 2021 Episode: Jass Exposes Jasmine In Front Of Fateh


The 27th October 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where Jass kidnaps Fateh and brings him away from the Virk house and ties his hand as well, so that, he can not do such things to make himself released. Meanwhile, he hits Fateh brutally and several injuries take place on his body, but hitherto Jasmine does not about this exploit of Jass and as soon as she comes to know, she goes to meet him. She tries to make Jass understand that he can do whatever he wants with Tejo but she will not let him do anything with Fateh.


At the same time, she urges him to release Fateh as soon as possible otherwise she will have to take action against him, but Jass refuses to release Fateh by mentioning that he is a strong thorn between him & Tejo. So no matter what happens but he will not release him spontaneously, Fateh takes place and sees Jasmine with Jass. Meanwhile, Jass points his gun on Jasmine’s forehead and says that she will have to accept death because she knows everything about him. But Fateh requests him to release Jasmine because she did not do anything against him.

After hearing this, Jass starts laughing loudly and reveals everything that Jasmine is the main culprit who ruined Tejo’s life, because she brought him back, and therefore, now he will not go without Tejo. Fateh gets shocked to hear Jass’s statement and says that he is not ready to accept all this stuff, because as far as he has concerned about Jasmine she can not cross her limits as he is revealing without any base. Meantime, Jass mentions that he is living with misunderstanding and this blind trust makes him drown for sure, because Jasmine pretends something but her character is totally different.

Meanwhile, Jass reveals that she was the one who used to give him all information about Tejo and therefore he removed all evidence against him. But still, Fateh is not believing him because Jass has done such worst exploits in the past, because of which, there is a lack of chances to consider his statement. Because Jasmine is blaming Jass too in front of him by saying that there is no need to consider him at all because he is lying to save himself. So now it will be interesting to watch Fateh’s next step after knowing the truth of Jasmine & Fateh.


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