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Udaariyaan Written Update 2nd December 2021 Episode: Rupi Slaps Tejo Hardly


The 2nd December 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where Tejo confesses the truth in front of Rupi by saying that she did a lame engagement with Angad Maan and nothing is going on between the two, it is just a compromise. Because Khushbir Singh has put a condition in front of her that if she marries someone before Fateh then he will permit him to tie a knot with Jasmine otherwise, he will not let them marry at all. Hence, Tejo had to do this, Rupi gets shocked to hear the statement because no one expected that she could make such an exploit.


At the same time, Rupi’s anger hits the bricks and he slaps Tejo hardly by mentioning that how could she do this with someone. She tries to make him understand those circumstances which she has faced recently. But Rupi is not ready to hear anything and keeps on slamming her for betraying them, Tejo breaks down in tears because he is not ready to hear her statement that why she did these things. Meanwhile, Rupi mentions that he did not expect that she could do such things without making anyone acquainted with them.

Then Tejo tries to make him understand last time but Rupi says that she is very kind to everyone especially Jasmine and Fateh, and this is the reason everyone takes advantage of her kindness. Tejo says that she has done all this because she did not want to become a cause of someone’s unhappiness this is the reason, she has done this. Rupi says that he has seen many girls but no one is like her, who can always ready to sacrifice for those who betrayed her. Tejo says that whatever was to happen that has done, so there is no need to think ahead for such a matter.

In the last episode, as everyone watched that Fateh gave his second surprise to Jasmine while destroying her boarding pass and passport in front of her. Jasmine got shocked to see such activities and lashed out at him as well by saying that how could he do this in front of her. She says that he made her dreams shattered for which she will not forgive him no matter what happens. But Fateh says that it was his second surprise and still, two are pending so she should prepare herself to see them as well.


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