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Udaariyaan Written Update & Episode 19th Aug 2022: Tejo Reveals The Real Side Of Jasmine


Hello, all the daily soap lovers, finally your favorite and highly anticipated TV drama “Udaariyaan” is set to make you feel over the top as the 19th August 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama. As Tejo has come to know that Jasmine is playing with the emotion of her family as she is not pregnant because of her miscarriage but she is not telling anyone else. But now, Tejo confronted her and says that if she does not make her family acquainted with the exploit then she will reveal her real side and therefore Jasmine gets afraid.

Udaariyaan Written Update & Episode 19th Aug 2022 Tejo Reveals The Real Side Of Jasmine

Meanwhile, Jasmine urges her to keep her secret safe because if she reveals it then the hearts of their family will be shattered and it would not be appropriate, as they are holding plenty of expectations for their upcoming grandchild. So this is the reason, they will need to do anything wisely because it is not good to explode the bomb in such a manner. Somewhere Tejo is manipulated by her as well but she knows what is wrong and what is accurate this is the reason, she decides to sleep her mouth shut for a while, as plenty of things was going on in her mind.

Udaariyaan Latest Written Update

Then Tejo leaves the place and says that she will execute the further activities soon but will shut her mouth unless the right time begins. But now, Tejo says that she needs to make Fateh aware of everything because he should know everything. Besides all these, she thinks to make a call to Fateh so that, he could come in time before it’s too late. Because Jasmine is betraying, therefore, she will have to do something so that, everything comes out in front of the entire family in the certain manner they need to get.

At the same time, Jasmine is getting afraid of Tejo’s actions and this is the reason she is continuously thinking about all these so that, nothing could come out in the certain manner Tejo wants. Therefore, initially, she decides to do something against Tejo so that, she could not open her mouth because if she says even a single word, then the obstacle will take place. So let’s see what will happen next in the show because both sides are set to make you feel over the top. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.


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